Another Point Of Time

I smell the fragrance of festivity.

I smell the fragrance of peace.

Somehow, I find serendipity

Even during the freeze.

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After my breakup, when I was not yet as completely over it but still considerably was, I chose to find a partner. I didn’t want to do anything as I had done previously so I couldn’t think of any man who was my friend that he could be my partner. The messages folder of Facebook was filled with the messages of men that I didn’t want to reply to at all. Also, I have a habit of not going in the past. So, I decided to date someone completely new. Obviously, I couldn’t find that person by sitting on my bed whole day and being an introvert as I still am, I will never be comfortable to just casually talk to a stranger. My life was certainly not centered around men at that time but since I am in a girls college as I was even then, I was suddenly void of the active presence of a male friend or acquaintance who I always had throughout my 13 years of school life, however introverted I may have been. 

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Roller-Coaster Ride

This year has been a roller-coaster ride for me, rather a combination of them. I explored myself in the aspects of spirituality, understood and learnt many aspects of myself and experienced death and rebirth countless times. I saw myself having some sort of control over my life and getting a few answers to the questions that I have heard.

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I’ll wait. For the moment when you’ll heal, I’ll wait. Till the minute you would regain your trust and faith on love and your innocent self, I’ll wait. For the day when that sad, dull corner of your heart would be filled again with vibrancy, I’ll wait.

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I understand. I understand that you loved her but she loved none yet fooled all to believe so. You thought she was yours just like you were hers. When you found out it wasn’t so, that when she said she loved you she didn’t mean it, you were broken. She broke your trust, your heart. She broke you.

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