The Fantasy World

Maybe, I live in fantasy 

but why is it bad really

if it only makes me happy? 

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The Opposite Direction

Don’t project your insecurities on to the other person. Let them breathe, even if with their problems. Let them sit and think them over to proceed towards a solution. Don’t discard that a certain problem can never happen to others because you are unable to accept the reality you you haven’t been in their shoes ever. Don’t respond “you are joking”, “stop joking”, “this can’t be true”,  “it’s nothing”, “you are imagining it” or “don’t create scenes in your head” or anything similar in nature in response. By doing so, you are pushing them towards their ruin by discarding their truth and saying so from a place of privilege. You, hence, become one with the oppressors or the culprits of their suffering. Don’t do more harm than good. 

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I don’t like my parents. They pretend to be supporting my career goals but are not actually. They think they know everything about the world and can rightly discern what is right and what is wrong. They do not know anything about the struggles in today’s education system that the students have to tackle with alone. Their is major lack of mental, career-oriented and emotional support in my life. 

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Arjun loved Soyza and Shehan loved Arjun too. But, it was considered ‘wrong’ by Arjun’s family because a boy loved a boy. On the other hand, Shehan was not afraid of accepting that he loved Arjun. Both were victims of cruelty at the hands of Black Tie, which further ignited their passion towards each other. Shehan was Sinhalese and Arjun was Tamil. Also, Radha and Anil Jayasinghe couldn’t marry due to the same caste conflict.

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Black Tie scolds Arjun and Shehan Soyza for conducting ‘unmanly’ behaviours and they couldn’t imagine even to marry each other, though another major factor affecting that was the conflict between Tamil and Sinhala castes. The glances that both of them steal of each other make the plot strong and worthwhile. Alas, such implications and behaviours also make people tag as them, especially Arjun, as the ‘Funny Boy’.

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The Tussle Between Wrong and Right

My parents were watching ”Aligarh” and while watching, my father comments, rather in a sympathetic tone, “Well, I don’t really support this gay activity since it’s ‘against nature’, but what can one do if they are constructed as such by God?” Though veiled with sympathy, he wanted to assert that the concept of the movie, the love between gays is wrong.

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