I have a terrible fear

that I am purging through my tears.

I don’t know why I can’t help but feel

that you, too, will hurt and abandon me.

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Away For Survival

I need a major breakthrough in my life to stop myself from questioning my existence any further. The people I am surrounded with viz. my family, repeatedly bring forth the thought of worthlessness in my psyche. They have been incapable in making me feel good and worthy since ever but now, they are attacking my thought of self-acceptance and self-love. I can’t really call them my ‘family’ anymore because there is no such institution like that in my home, at least not for me.

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Work for It

You will gain nothing by sitting idle. Bit- by- bit, you need to work for it. If you notice carefully how you achieved what you did, you will notice that making efforts towards achieving your aim became an unconscious habit and hence, success welcomed you,  applauding for you at its door before you could  hear its footsteps.

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You are like the sun and my life is like the Earth. It revolves around you. As soon as I decide to go away from you, your sincere efforts hold me back. I feel that this time I will pull so far away from you that all the strings that bind me to you will break. I will walk away from you and will miss you a lot in my life later. But that will only happen when I am able to break the strings attached to you which I am not able to.

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