What will be the point

Of putting in work to earn these coins

If I won’t see your face every day?

So we won’t fight, not tomorrow nor today.

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Education, Not Literacy

I write a lot between the dates when my exams are scheduled. That’s because I don’t rush after the marks, but the values that the plot provides to me as a reader. Also, the values highlighted in the plots of various novels and stories through their characters are to be much focused upon by the students to provide a critical analysis of the plot. The background of the author or the poet, too, is equally important to understand their psyche and the background of the written text in the most accurate meanings. Therefore, they inculcate, directly or indirectly, some important values within us— the readers, to lead a dignified and happy life and enlighten to us the process and history of development.

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I am a writer of moods. My emotions drive my words. The words change as the wheel of the racing car of life take another turn into the unknown. The turns fill in adventure. The adventure consists of all the flavours— sweet, sour, bitter, salty. The various flavours of life make the life worth living, sans boredom.

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