Is it so that I miss, love and value someone more once they are not around me anymore?

Does retrospection than mindfulness add value to all those?

Or have I become accustomed to pain or want to prevent myself from facing that my fears came true?

Or have the course of events been such that what and who I loved were snatched away from me so now, I don’t go close?

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I’ll wait. For the moment when you’ll heal, I’ll wait. Till the minute you would regain your trust and faith on love and your innocent self, I’ll wait. For the day when that sad, dull corner of your heart would be filled again with vibrancy, I’ll wait.

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I understand. I understand that you loved her but she loved none yet fooled all to believe so. You thought she was yours just like you were hers. When you found out it wasn’t so, that when she said she loved you she didn’t mean it, you were broken. She broke your trust, your heart. She broke you.

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