There are many things left for me to learn,

So many procedures to understand

That I am currently unable to discern,

Them be of receiving payments or doing a handstand.

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After my breakup, when I was not yet as completely over it but still considerably was, I chose to find a partner. I didn’t want to do anything as I had done previously so I couldn’t think of any man who was my friend that he could be my partner. The messages folder of Facebook was filled with the messages of men that I didn’t want to reply to at all. Also, I have a habit of not going in the past. So, I decided to date someone completely new. Obviously, I couldn’t find that person by sitting on my bed whole day and being an introvert as I still am, I will never be comfortable to just casually talk to a stranger. My life was certainly not centered around men at that time but since I am in a girls college as I was even then, I was suddenly void of the active presence of a male friend or acquaintance who I always had throughout my 13 years of school life, however introverted I may have been. 

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All In A Moment

This is the third time that I have started falling in love with you. I have been acquainted with you since a few years but I feel as if I have just started to know you again, right from the beginning. We have had deep conversations yet I feel like they haven’t occurred as yet in my life. You seem intriguing to me. I still feel like I have known you all my life. You are not a stranger at all but not even an acquaintance or a friend.

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