Go Solo

Try going solo,

Especially if you feel

That someone’s absence

Makes you-even if a bit-hollow.

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Start Over

Sometimes, it happens so that all the hardwork that you do gets wiped off in less than a second because of no fault of yours. Now, what will you do in such a case? Even if you do not have any kind of obligation to complete that task or target, the only option to do it is to start again from nothing. That is a lucky chance if you already have a saved draft somewhere else in whatever format or that you remember what you have written but if it is not so, like if you created each word on-the-spot as the words kept coming in your brain, it is almost impossible to recover those words, phrases and sentences because they were not well-settled or pre-rehearsed in structured way in your brain.

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The Opposite Direction

Don’t project your insecurities on to the other person. Let them breathe, even if with their problems. Let them sit and think them over to proceed towards a solution. Don’t discard that a certain problem can never happen to others because you are unable to accept the reality you you haven’t been in their shoes ever. Don’t respond “you are joking”, “stop joking”, “this can’t be true”,  “it’s nothing”, “you are imagining it” or “don’t create scenes in your head” or anything similar in nature in response. By doing so, you are pushing them towards their ruin by discarding their truth and saying so from a place of privilege. You, hence, become one with the oppressors or the culprits of their suffering. Don’t do more harm than good. 

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