Unset In Stone

I crave you in all the ways.

What is wrong in that, anyways?

The situation becomes such

That I immediately want your touch.

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Black Tie scolds Arjun and Shehan Soyza for conducting ‘unmanly’ behaviours and they couldn’t imagine even to marry each other, though another major factor affecting that was the conflict between Tamil and Sinhala castes. The glances that both of them steal of each other make the plot strong and worthwhile. Alas, such implications and behaviours also make people tag as them, especially Arjun, as the ‘Funny Boy’.

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The Tussle Between Wrong and Right

My parents were watching ”Aligarh” and while watching, my father comments, rather in a sympathetic tone, “Well, I don’t really support this gay activity since it’s ‘against nature’, but what can one do if they are constructed as such by God?” Though veiled with sympathy, he wanted to assert that the concept of the movie, the love between gays is wrong.

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Coconut Sweetheart

You, I must say, are a beauty. I won’t hold my emotions back this time. I don’t care however people may judge me for being this explicit about my feelings. I haven’t met you, but you have become a friend. Before you, after my breakup, whoever I talked to, even my old male friends, seemed to me as deceptive as my ex boyfriend, with a hidden malicious intent somewhere in their hearts, some selfishness. After 6 months, now that feeling has started to fade away and believe it or not, it’s because of you.

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