What is the reason? I can’t say

But I am feeling energetic today.

That makes me feel gay

So, I am noting about this moment of joy.

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Even when this year will end, there will be three years and three moths left until I can meet my ultimate. I am eager to meet him. I am working and resting, trying to enjoy without him. Loving myself is not related to his presence. It’s difficult but I do love myself absolutely, even when the people around me keep making it tough unnecessarily by poking their nose in my business, despite warning them to not do it. The final decision rests with me and I don’t care what people think about it. I don’t create art for the audience. I create art for me, for my pleasure and that is all that matters. You don’t like my work? Don’t interact with it at all.

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Am I unbreakable? No (chuckles). I can break and I have shattered into pieces but each time, out of all of these pieces which come under my feet and hurt me—maybe not on the outside but on the inside—for sure and sometimes, for long—as I try to pick the best one amongst all, I create a new art and stand as a new individual.

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