Peace of Your Hands

I will say nothing

but make you sit in front of me

and I will kiss your hands

to express the feeling that I have.

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Sweet Lies

Start with a lie to get to the truth. You may not feel that you are worthy. Lie to yourself that you feel you are. Lie until it becomes your truth,until you almost forget what it is to feel unworthy except the days when lying doesn’t work anymore.

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I Like Me

I know I am amazing. Honestly, I am a mystery to myself because I have more knowledge than I can list or describe about and I don’t know when I learnt them but then, there are some ‘obvious’ questions and answers which I have no idea of. I have more than one talents since my birth and I feel good about that because it is a privilege I have. Money is amazing but I never considered it to be a privilege as precious as being positive towards oneself. 

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I am in a fright towards who I was in the past. Everyone and everything could affect me. I used to cry silently. I was bullied and laughed at by all the people of my age in the primary and secondary classes without any fault of mine. This experience transformed me into a premature person. Hence, now I can also connect, reciprocate and communicate with the ones who understand the patterns of life.

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