There are many things left for me to learn,

So many procedures to understand

That I am currently unable to discern,

Them be of receiving payments or doing a handstand.

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Start Over

Sometimes, it happens so that all the hardwork that you do gets wiped off in less than a second because of no fault of yours. Now, what will you do in such a case? Even if you do not have any kind of obligation to complete that task or target, the only option to do it is to start again from nothing. That is a lucky chance if you already have a saved draft somewhere else in whatever format or that you remember what you have written but if it is not so, like if you created each word on-the-spot as the words kept coming in your brain, it is almost impossible to recover those words, phrases and sentences because they were not well-settled or pre-rehearsed in structured way in your brain.

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One can’t write unless one feels. Though I feel something almost everyday, yet there are some days when my mind is void of all. There is a numbness that I feel all over me, inside and outside. At such a time, I crave for a muse and reminisce the loss of many muses in the past who played a beautiful role in shaping variant parts of me. 

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I am in a fright towards who I was in the past. Everyone and everything could affect me. I used to cry silently. I was bullied and laughed at by all the people of my age in the primary and secondary classes without any fault of mine. This experience transformed me into a premature person. Hence, now I can also connect, reciprocate and communicate with the ones who understand the patterns of life.

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