The Deep Well Of Love

I have fallen into the deep well of love.

I stay there because even if I manage to come up

And out and shrug the dust off of my skin,

I have no time to understand this cycle and immediately, I fall again.

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A Hand In Need

I am reminded of my conversation with my therapist after writing the previous blog today that writing to express grief is also a reaction. I am trying to adjust to the fact gradually that I just react to grief differently than everybody else does. What wonders can therapy do!

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Need For The New

I believe in equality of genders but it is not a hidden fact that women persist to be targeted in subtle and rude ways since years. They have been a target of patriarchy’s weak mentality. The need to prove prowess was initiated by patriarchal men because women always had and realized the inherent power that they possessed of creating a creation that created the rest of the world according to the purpose of his creation.

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