Each living moment, I am taking a step further towards your direction.

I know that you are reciprocating too to let our union happen.

I keep working on me but I must it is so tough,

I somehow persevere but almost all the time, I want to give up.

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It feels that we have met now after being apart for centuries.

I close my eyes and I see flowers falling from the tree.

I see the rain drops fall all over my body.

I recall visions of many forms that I have embodied.

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Tug of War

I am missing my ex right now all of a sudden. Why? I don’t know. This is happening for the third time since we separated and every time this emotion manages to make me anxious and my feelings wheel as if in a whirlwind. Today, I even surfed his name and then, as always, that feeling of the regret of surfing him grew on me. 

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No matter how much I talk to you, for me, it’s never enough. I spent so many moments with you yesterday, yet when I reached home I kept thinking about you and whatever you said to me. I was elated and relieved that we finally met four days before it would be six months since we had started talking last year. I feel like going back in yesterday and living that time.

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