I am accommodating to the ideas I never thought I could. Circumstances are such and I am gaining new perspective. It is quite weird how comfortable am I with it and how easy-flowing has it made things. I honestly never thought that I would be accommodating to or be accepting towards such ideas. I mean, me? I am so rigid and fixed in some perspectives I have about some things and it is so strange that this rigidity vanished in less than five days. I can’t believe my own thoughts. I will not share it with anyone- this changed perspective- except you (my readers), of course.

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Dear forever,

You give me a non-judgmental space. You don’t mock me for who I am. I feel pampered and safe with you. You don’t burden me with your unrealistic expectations. I have a feeling of comfort and permanence with you. I am truly happy when I am around you. You are honest. I can trust you. I can sleep in your arms without any worries. You make me feel like a child who is carefree and loved (maybe, the love that I never received with my biological parents but you are not their replacement). You bring peace to me. This is what I feel when I imagine about you and me together.

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