Open Your Blind Eye

How can we be so blind

to how the children are dying

due to famine and hunger

caused by war? 

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I Have to Hate You

For all the lies and disguises you served to me, for sharing my right as a partner with someone who didn’t treat you as a human, for treating me as a toy to please yourself, for me to survive and prevent my damaged heart from shattering into pieces yet again, from breaking my already punchered trust on humanity altogether, for making my heart cry, for me to survive until I achieve all of my life goals, I have to hate you.

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Language- commodity or identity?

In my Hindi generic lectures in college, the teacher teaches us that an individual meets together to make a group, mostly ethnic, the ethnic groups together form a community, establishing its rules and regulations, and many communities join together to form a society. One such society is a nation. So, if we derive, one individual is what makes a nation or in other terms, an individual is the smallest unit of a society such as a nation.

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