Lift Up

Let us lift our hands 

to lift each other up. 

Let us make the whole land

full of light and love. 

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I can’t promise you anything. I can only try. I can try to be as honest as possible. I can try to make you feel happy and that special as I believe you are. I can try to be a member of your family and to make you a member of mine. I can try to ward off the negative in me so that it can’t affect your positive.

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You are unbelievably beautiful. This is peculiar than it should have been. In intervals and after breaks, I find myself logging in and surfing your social profiles to look at your pictures. When they can’t convince me of your existence (I don’t know it as I haven’t met you yet), I keep examining your movements in your videos on those sites, playing them on loop. Please don’t get offended. I don’t do it on purpose and this is not the only thing I have got to do in my whole day. Whenever my mind is free, even for a snap of moment, from the daily routine of my college and the concerns related to my studies and career, it wanders off to thoughts about you. 

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