365 Days of Growth

When the calendar changes to 365,

be it by faith or may it be universal,

the aim of growth in the life

is for each individual and temporal.

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I can’t promise you anything. I can only try. I can try to be as honest as possible. I can try to make you feel happy and that special as I believe you are. I can try to be a member of your family and to make you a member of mine. I can try to ward off the negative in me so that it can’t affect your positive.

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I am happy. They went from my life and made me sad temporarily. But now, again, after I found myself forever, I am happy. I am happy because my happiness lies within me. Also, because I got the opportunity to spend some good and memorable moments in my life to look back at. Self-love makes me happy. The realisation that I have the capacity to make me and everyone around me smile makes me happy.

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I, Me and Myself

I am on a constant journey of self- realisation and self- improvement. I was a sapling. The storms in my life fed my roots with water and a new life seeped into me. The thick branches of knowledge, experience and wisdom grew from the thin twigs and thin branches of innocence, inexperience and incomprehensibility. I grew into a tree. A tree which is sufficient not only for itself but for the other living organisms as well. The only source of survival it requires is water, of which the quantity may vary according to the situation. It doesn’t stop once it has reached a maturation stage, but keeps growing every moment, every day, every week, every month, every year till its life sustains. It goes through various stages in this journey of growth.

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Break free

They have been telling you a lot. They have been guiding you constantly and you, unquestionably, have been taking their advices as if they are doctors and you are a patient. The only one who can guide you, is you. Seek answers to your questions from the various selves within you. 

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The Tussle Between Wrong and Right

My parents were watching ”Aligarh” and while watching, my father comments, rather in a sympathetic tone, “Well, I don’t really support this gay activity since it’s ‘against nature’, but what can one do if they are constructed as such by God?” Though veiled with sympathy, he wanted to assert that the concept of the movie, the love between gays is wrong.

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