There are many things left for me to learn,

So many procedures to understand

That I am currently unable to discern,

Them be of receiving payments or doing a handstand.

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Leave Them Behind

We can’t leave our homes but we can leave behind a lot of things. We can leave the mindset of not taking the responsibility of being a product of nature and considering it a duty to protect it at all costs. We can leave our harmful ambitions which are slowly make us and the Earth hollow from within. 

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Work for It

You will gain nothing by sitting idle. Bit- by- bit, you need to work for it. If you notice carefully how you achieved what you did, you will notice that making efforts towards achieving your aim became an unconscious habit and hence, success welcomed you,  applauding for you at its door before you could  hear its footsteps.

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I am in the midst of a chaos. This state is indescribable. I am escaping but I am also brave enough to face the challenge. Can’t help it, challenges have been thrown at my face by life on a daily basis since my existence happened. So, it’s a part of my habit to face them anyhow, anyway.

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Rabindranath Tagore wrote ‘ekla chaulo re’. Gain some inspiration from Phoebe Gary and Don’t Give Up. You can pause to breathe some air inside and refresh your passionate blood but don’t stop because ‘If by easy work you beat, Who the more will prize you?’ The tougher the task, the more happiness and pride would you gain after its accomplishment. And accomplishing it all by yourself would serve as a cherry on the cake.

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Ignorance is Bliss

Don’t look back. Why would you wish to do that? Why to inflict unnecessary hurt? They cheated on you, didn’t they? So, why are you bothered what they are up to now? Being friends with your past lover is a fantasy. And you’ll be hurt real bad when reality will strike. They WERE a part of your life. “Were”, you understand, is past my friend. 

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