Everything Will Be Alright

In these times of hardships, 

I can’t say anything more

since I am pretty sure

that I don’t know how to convince 

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I am a writer of moods. My emotions drive my words. The words change as the wheel of the racing car of life take another turn into the unknown. The turns fill in adventure. The adventure consists of all the flavours— sweet, sour, bitter, salty. The various flavours of life make the life worth living, sans boredom.

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A lot of the elders I meet after a long period of time often say, “You have changed”. For elders, it contains mostly the surprise element while for my earlier friends, it’s mostly a disappointment. However, even if they wouldn’t say it, I know. This change has been my voluntary choice. It’s not a remark for me, it’s a compliment.

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