My future children, you will be ahead of me

Most of the times or may even not be probably

Because you will become what you will be

With the information you will receive.

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Away For Survival

I need a major breakthrough in my life to stop myself from questioning my existence any further. The people I am surrounded with viz. my family, repeatedly bring forth the thought of worthlessness in my psyche. They have been incapable in making me feel good and worthy since ever but now, they are attacking my thought of self-acceptance and self-love. I can’t really call them my ‘family’ anymore because there is no such institution like that in my home, at least not for me.

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Asphyxiating Toxicity

I do not want to sleep right now because then, I will be awake when the other members of my family will be awake. I initially thought that I and my family have different mindsets but they have been attempting to cross my boundaries and enter into my private space  for a considerable number of times now. It is really disgusting and they don’t even feel guilty for doing so when I resist rather politely or retaliate. I am just the bad child in the family. Nevertheless, they can not, in any circumstance, enter into my personal and private space. I won’t let them succeed in doing that. 

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