They are just avoiding the situation,

This is what you assume.

Without trying to confirm with some investigation,

You declare that they made an excuse.

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We are hurt and exhausted. We both faced a great fall in our lives. We give a lot to the ones we love, so much that we forget to love ourselves. I have learnt, though, after processing my emotions throughout the time I devoted to myself, that no matter what, I will never again forget to love myself. None’s entry or exit in and out of my life would affect me so much as to make me hollow and void of love. We will rise.

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I can’t promise you anything. I can only try. I can try to be as honest as possible. I can try to make you feel happy and that special as I believe you are. I can try to be a member of your family and to make you a member of mine. I can try to ward off the negative in me so that it can’t affect your positive.

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Break free

They have been telling you a lot. They have been guiding you constantly and you, unquestionably, have been taking their advices as if they are doctors and you are a patient. The only one who can guide you, is you. Seek answers to your questions from the various selves within you. 

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