The Threads Of Life

Life- it pulls its threads.

It lets the pain and suffering grow

Until there aren’t any more.

It slowly turns to shreds.

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Yet again, I woke up to the repititive, terrible dream of my family dieing and me witnessing their death helplessly. Though, psychologically, it represents not the actual death but our perspective or emotions towards us and is a part of our subconscious mind, yet it shakes my conscious mind terribly.

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My father and brother never appreciate most of the work I do. My brother associates development with economy and father always wishes for the impossible. When it is about studies, he wishes I should score excellent marks in all the subjects. Being an above average student in academics, it’s not practically possible for my distracted mind and weak memory to concentrate equally and give the best results in everything I put my head into. I don’t possess academic but verbal or linguistic and musical or rhythmic intelligence among the ten types of intelligences explained by Howard Gardener.

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Arjun loved Soyza and Shehan loved Arjun too. But, it was considered ‘wrong’ by Arjun’s family because a boy loved a boy. On the other hand, Shehan was not afraid of accepting that he loved Arjun. Both were victims of cruelty at the hands of Black Tie, which further ignited their passion towards each other. Shehan was Sinhalese and Arjun was Tamil. Also, Radha and Anil Jayasinghe couldn’t marry due to the same caste conflict.

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