I can feel grief inside me

and the urge that only what is right should be

by which my other emotions are affected. 

Maybe, both of them are connected. 

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Do It Anyway

I never know if I will get the results I want in the end, I try anyway. I never know whether whatever I write will be read by any one person or if it will reach the kind of readers I wrote it for or if this career of blogging will even sustain any further, I write, publish and share it anyway. 

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You were my mirror. You reflected your flaws on mine, because I was your mirror too. But my mirror showed to me a personality of perseverance, strength, courage. You got excited as it was opposed to what you thought it was, so you changed the mirrors to see, but you felt deceived as you could still only refract hopelessness from it. Should I spill the beans now?

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