What will be the point

Of putting in work to earn these coins

If I won’t see your face every day?

So we won’t fight, not tomorrow nor today.

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Divine Art

I am at my emotional low, yet I never leave my divinity. Even when at the lowest, the divine vibration still remains the same. After writing the previous blog, suddenly all of the songs that are playing on my mobile and I am hearing through my headphone to cope with my pain and hurt, even while crying, are the songs connect somehow as a message to me from my twin flame. And this has started happening when I saw a vision that I am guiding my twin flame through light even when both of us are at our lowest points. He is following my dance step-by-step and slowly, he comes out of the dark. We did good job together. I helped him and he accepted my help. But all of this happened in the non-physical reality.

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My Peaceful Place

I am here in Hauz Khas. I never thought that I will actually be able to visit it some day. I came here all by myself due to the preoccupation of my friend. The battery of my cell has exhausted. Fortunately, I know my way back to my parents’ home and wait…..let me check….yes, I do have enough money to return. 

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One can’t write unless one feels. Though I feel something almost everyday, yet there are some days when my mind is void of all. There is a numbness that I feel all over me, inside and outside. At such a time, I crave for a muse and reminisce the loss of many muses in the past who played a beautiful role in shaping variant parts of me. 

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