I am dividing my responsibilities into chunks

So that they are sorted before they start seeming like a burden,

Before they start converting into junks

Hijacking my creativity and artistic endeavours,

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Grind Culture

Grinding and hustling are not as beneficial in the long run as they sound. They are quite the opposite, rather. Even if it’s self-work, it gets exhausting. I am one of the people who follow the hustle culture because that is how my lifestyle and circumstances have been since my childhood and throughout my teenage. For me, work is a coping mechanism and I have practiced it over a decade before I learnt that it is an unhealthy habit which was not until later.

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Flowing Cycle

I am reducing the gap between me and my monetary success. Well, money is just me in another form that has to flow back to me. Like always, money’s journey to me is pacing up really slow. I am happy that it is not stopped altogether. I will keep trying. I am trying a new method of work now, like I always keep experimenting with everything. I don’t know how long will I be able to follow it but it is making me feel productive and boosting up my confidence so I like it as of now. If not for this routine, I would have believed that I didn’t do anything productive the whole day (which is a lie).

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