Where we are, what we have,

What phase of life are we at-

Sometimes, it’s enough and all;

At other times, it is not.

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An outlet is much needed. I have come to my cousin’s house for the week and I didn’t even call my parents or brother at home. I just didn’t feel like doing it. My routine is the same but better here. I don’t have TV switched on early in the morning on the loudest amount of volume possible. In short, there is peace and it is not just external peace. There is internal peace as well. Today, I and my cousin sister went to the mall and while eating our meal there, I told her of all the times when my parents have disappointed me, all of my troubles and that they say that they do but my parents just don’t understand.

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Healing Questions

What stops you from healing? Is it that you are afraid that it will ask you to take away your habit of sulking which is familiar to you? Do comfort foods stop you from delving into it or is it that you know healing does bring scary things to face which you are not ready for? What stops you from taking that step towards your actual growth, not the one where you are convincing yourself that you are growing or have grown but deep down you know that you haven’t?

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Dreamy Realities

It is not necessary that if you think a lot about someone, you love them or think of them in a romantic way unconsciously. If you think about your mental health practitioner sometimes, it is quite normal. Probably, they also think about how their clients must be doing at times (I don’t know for sure). To me, thinking about my sessions or my therapist works as a sign for me that I need to consult him as soon as possible because an aspect of me needs help from a professional because it is too heavy for me to handle alone despite the fact that I keep working on myself in all aspects at all times.

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