What is the reason? I can’t say

But I am feeling energetic today.

That makes me feel gay

So, I am noting about this moment of joy.

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Sometimes, what keeps you warm and going are not even the people around you. They are not blankets and fireplace. They are the people who you haven’t met ever physically or can only feel their presence on this Earth. They are a vibe; when they meet you physically, you don’t feel like leaving at all. You wish to stay for as long and as late as you can….so late that the possibility of meeting them later never comes because you never went your own ways quite literally. They are authentic. They are gems.

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Paying the education fees of my child is not something that I should expect them to return. They have the right to be educated and as a parent, it is my duty to pay my child’s fee. I should never be adding it up until my child turns of legal age to ask them to now pay me back for all those years of doing a part of my duty as a parent nor shall I express this in front of them to “let them know” how much part of the expense that I have as a parent is theirs. My child is neither expected nor obliged to pay me back in any way- money or through being an overachiever or obliging or agreeing with me even when they disagree in their mind. This kind of demand as a parent cannot be considered the same or even near to teaching the importance of money or how struggle looks like or teaching simplicity to my offspring. I mean, what is wrong in pampering my child? I have often seen that “tough love” is appreciated and “gentle parenting” is looked down upon where comfort is “spoiling” a child. Is a child not supposed to feel the love of her parent(s)? I haven’t seen human emotions being taken into consideration in balance by the birth-givers in the society we live in. As a parent, it is my duty to teach my child equal give and take, right and wrong and let them decide with their wisdom.

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Sensory Optimism

I have a feeling that I will soon be laughing on the things that have caused me immense pain in the recent past. I will most probably be thinking in how silly and immature manner did the situation end and how had it not been for this end- this tower moment- I would have been stuck in an unhealthy loop because of my innate loyal personality.

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Extra Special

Make someone’s day like you are ordering a pizza. Select your favourite idea or combinations of them and sprinkle a few spices of healthy and funny sarcasm to enhance the flavour of the cheese on the top, which this time, is healthy. Capture and share a few of them as memories to remember later. Ask someone else to prepare the pizza if you are not good at culinary (or your practice and type of) art. Imagine that the day is a pizza which you are preparing or getting prepared to the best of your ability to satiate all involved, including you.

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