I find a few animals quite cool.

They have such sensations

That they can feel such things and vibrations

That we, as humans, cannot view.

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The Eternal Beauties

It is 8:28 am right now and I am wondering what would I do without art in my life? What would I do if I don’t create art? But I don’t want to imagine it because I can’t do it without art. My language of communication is art. Can there be life without art? I haven’t seen one and I don’t want to see it. I am unable to understand if such a life exists, completely untouched by art of any kind because art, like air, is everywhere. My veins would have given up if art wasn’t there.

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Fairy Tale

Sometimes, I go out in nature to run from myself and my negative thoughts, which sometimes are even sabotaging and intrusive. A few of these times, I seek from the nature that it will clean the dust and make it clear about what is going on inside me. In all of these circumstances, I find myself getting closer to me, to the truths inside me. I intend to run but it doesn’t help me with that. It helps me with confrontation instead but it is much easier to do when in nature rather than when not because there, I willingly don’t want to work but rejuvenate and work helps me escape a lot.

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Natural Embodiment

I embody nature. My navel holds hurricanes, just like it joins a mother to her child in womb. My eyes, filled with water sour as ocean sometimes need external support and to be cleared at other times. When they are fierce and red, it means that the nature is about to punish you to bring your ill deeds at an end. 

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