Beyond The Blue Sky

You are there—somewhere beyond the blue sky.

I can feel that you exist; you are mine.

We need to do some worldly duties, move to dollars from dime

So that we can live carefree forever about this aspect in our lives.

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Eagerly Waiting

I am eager to meet you. Who are you? What is your name? How do you look like? How much could I estimate about you intuitively? What we share intuitively goes beyond love, beyond this lifetime and many more. I miss you. I want to tell you how much I love once we wed again in this lifetime and never leave a chance to let you know how much love I have for you because saying the numerous times too doesn’t feel enough to match the depth and intensity of my feelings for you.

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Such a new energy yet so familiar, going back in time. New because I don’t know how he looks in 3D and even in visions, I am unable to identify him in his human form. Now, it’s knowledge and interacting with it is peaceful for me in both the realms. The song ‘Tose Naina Lage’ plays in my mind when I feel this energy and try to understand him in 3D since I haven’t met him yet. There is so much peace in this but not in a way that it is boring. This energy is very focused, fierce, determined and passionate, like an arrow which darts straight and is shot in the exact middle of the target which is made on the trunk of tree in the midst of a dense forest which is also full of peace (with no threat at all, even of the wild animals). It stirs within me a lot but also gives me a lot of peace, which has been in the 5D since always and more so, since the past three years but I can also feel its 3D form when I have not yet seen him with my eyes. The songs that were associated with the connection which show the reality of the connection beyond the surface are showing more intense and protective energy- an energy of reciprocal, an energy that fumes something so much within me that talking about it or thinking about about it for a few minutes ignites something within me and I start feeling unbearable heat in my body. It’s not anxiety. It is not any energy or person from my past of this life at all, which is why I am not looking at him at all in any of the dreams or visions while he is looking at me all the time. I don’t even need card readings to understand his energy because they tell less about him than my intuition. For the first time, I am seeing that somebody is matching my level but I know that my focus will be elsewhere when the time will finally come of our meeting in the 3D reality. I am even more disinterested in all of this love business in the 3D now.

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Weird Intensity

I have never felt like this before. This unknown emotion is making me restless. It is stirring something within me. It is something. Does it have a definite name? I don’t know. If I ever marry in this lifetime, who will I marry, I don’t know but by the vague blur figure I see in my visions and dreams now that I know that he will look different from his spiritual form, there is a sense of peace, no heaviness but at the same time, I feel something very intense within me for this unknown figure. I don’t imagine any stress or worry because I feel like we will actually work together as partners on our connection always as will perfectly complement each other. If anything, I imagine peaceful co-existence at all times and fun and goofiness rather. Normally, what I imagine or see or feel in my visions on the surface level looks like games, fun, healthy communication and slowly opening up to each other but then, there is something very intense I feel, that makes my fists clench in the visions and in the 3D reality. It is something like an aggressive pining but more.

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I am accommodating to the ideas I never thought I could. Circumstances are such and I am gaining new perspective. It is quite weird how comfortable am I with it and how easy-flowing has it made things. I honestly never thought that I would be accommodating to or be accepting towards such ideas. I mean, me? I am so rigid and fixed in some perspectives I have about some things and it is so strange that this rigidity vanished in less than five days. I can’t believe my own thoughts. I will not share it with anyone- this changed perspective- except you (my readers), of course.

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