I have a heat pad on my stomach.

The pain of menstruating is too much.

Creating rangoli paved way

And lit up diyas saved the day.

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Where’s The Light?

Diwali is a time in the whole year that I love the most but this year, I don’t feel as much in the mood of it. Irritating things are happening around me. My mother killed most of the vibe of Diwali by postponing decorating the house and lighting up diyas to the point that I didn’t want to do it anymore. I told her that I would make the rangoli yesterday but she refused saying that it is made on the actual day of the occasion and not before that and pasted a sticker pf rangoli outside the house. Today is the first day of my periods—of all the days in the month, today, the day of Diwali. I am creating another song but my brother cannot stop trying to teach me my work, criticising my way of working and my skills and calling it “giving a response”. This is why I don’t like working with other people. Work doesn’t happen at all and my mood and vibe is always ruined. On the top of that, I have to tolerate unnecessary opinions that make me feel bad about me and my work. My content also doesn’t turn out to be something positive. My body is aching since over an hour and I don’t have the energy to get up in pain and prepare a hot water bag for me. Pain is not letting me sleep. Struggle to achieve financial freedom is still going on.

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