The Right Person

When with the right person,

Each moment is full of fun.

Daily tasks become chances to enjoy,

All that he does seem right, even if it is to annoy.

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Worst Beings Alive

Parents are the worst kind of beings- yup, just beings- not humans. There must be a course and a certificate that says that one is human enough to be a parent before the decision is finalised. If they don’t pass with flying colours, they should not be allowed to be parents. Yes, it sounds harsh but children are too good to be under the ‘guidance’ of some people who need to be guided in almost everything in life.

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It was yesterday when I was feeling like running away from the life I am living currently and start with a completely fresh page where nobody from the current life scenario will know my whereabouts and today, after all the good moments of 2.5 months (because they don’t last long), my father stooped low to his level and talked to me rudely merely because I was working and told him that I don’t know how to change any channels or whatever the issue with the TV was because I don’t know what to call it. Just because of that, he labeled my behaviour as arrogant which is wrong when I had told him in low tone that I am not the one who can resolve the issue. This bloody man does this on purpose. I know this. He wants that I should feel grateful for the things that he must have provided to me as they are my basic needs as an individual and he had chosen to be the father. Yet another reiteration of one of the reasons why most of the people in my generation doesn’t want to bore children-even if adopted-even if they love children.

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It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and that reminds me of my spirit babies. However, there are seldom moments when I don’t miss them or meet them in the 5D reality through visions. I have already made the list on how will I parent healthily in the future so that the cycle of toxicity doesn’t move any further and my children are able to become balanced and healthy individuals, knowing from rocket science to chakr balancing and healing and ecology. I am an old soul and connect with my spirit babies through various methods. So, I am a mater.

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All Of Me

I am writing this at 11:11 am. My cousin sister’s wedding is fixed and so, to meet the family of the groom, my mausaji and mausi has come to my home. On the first day, there was a rift between my cousin brother and mausi and today, my mausaji said, coming to my room willingly when I was sitting in my bedroom with my cousin and said that I must “look like a girl” which is being too thin according to the societal standards. It didn’t mess me up because first, I don’t care. Secondly, I told him that he does not need to worry because my doctors are here to tell me what must I do. I literally have to energy either to work or work out in any way. Thirdly and most importantly, my cousin sister stood up for me automatically and stopped him from judging me any further.

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Yes, you are my children, my offsprings but you are not my extensions. You are different individuals. Everything in you will be yours. You don’t owe me anything just because you are my offsprings. You are not born to fulfill my expectations. It doesn’t matter if we are blood related or not, if you are my offsprings legally, then I am saying this to you.

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