Don’t Hesitate

If you were open and expressed your love freely,

But the other person was not in that capacity

To be able to reciprocate your love and affection,

Don’t hesitate in the future to express nor shut your emotions.

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All Of Me

I am writing this at 11:11 am. My cousin sister’s wedding is fixed and so, to meet the family of the groom, my mausaji and mausi has come to my home. On the first day, there was a rift between my cousin brother and mausi and today, my mausaji said, coming to my room willingly when I was sitting in my bedroom with my cousin and said that I must “look like a girl” which is being too thin according to the societal standards. It didn’t mess me up because first, I don’t care. Secondly, I told him that he does not need to worry because my doctors are here to tell me what must I do. I literally have to energy either to work or work out in any way. Thirdly and most importantly, my cousin sister stood up for me automatically and stopped him from judging me any further.

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