I am being honest. I am not feeling good.

The moment I decide to arrange my words,

They mingle up and make me confused,

Sometimes, acting falsely that they have a new hook.

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People leave and they leave behind the words they say- expressly written or not. Words stay when people cannot anymore. These don’t have to be only good words. It is not that if someone dies, suddenly all of their mistakes and crimes are forgiven yet what remain, as the one to haunt the ones who became such people’s targets, are the words that they said to them except if those were said to threat. In such a case, they bring comfort after they leave.

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Stress Busters

No one has been able to bring the art out of me so effortlessly but you. It is like the words just want to arrange themselves together in a presentation and shape writeups. Even though I forget a few words here and there which take me a while to recall and write, the fluency is just like or even at times more than when I want to write about nature or art.

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My work is ageing like fine wine. I am becoming more of me and that is creating more of my authentic art. The more authentic it is becoming, the more nourished and refined it is getting. My mistakes are beautiful and there are some harsh and sweet lessons that I have learnt and recorded in my work. The simpler the things are becoming to me and as I am going ahead authentically on the truest of my journey, the more wisdom they are holding and so the more sophisticated, deep and meaningful are they becoming. The older the wine gets, its value keeps increasing and the more I am moving forward and recording as I move all of it in writing, the wiser I am getting while not losing my spirit of standing against the wrong no matter if I am the only one resisting. Wisdom can never teach you wrong that sophistication is to keep shut when your voice can be a tool to bring about change.

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Divine Art

I am at my emotional low, yet I never leave my divinity. Even when at the lowest, the divine vibration still remains the same. After writing the previous blog, suddenly all of the songs that are playing on my mobile and I am hearing through my headphone to cope with my pain and hurt, even while crying, are the songs connect somehow as a message to me from my twin flame. And this has started happening when I saw a vision that I am guiding my twin flame through light even when both of us are at our lowest points. He is following my dance step-by-step and slowly, he comes out of the dark. We did good job together. I helped him and he accepted my help. But all of this happened in the non-physical reality.

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I will express myself however I want to even when money comes and I know this because even though I have implemented one idea only to earn money and I am glad that I help people on the way. The focus, however, is the money that I have to earn by my own hardwork. I have done this before as well. It just cannot be other way because no matter what, I dread doing something having no interest in it but to just earn money and I put in all of my hard work but it goes in vain. Either I leave it or the project ends abruptly. So, the key for me, at least, is to not just work but be happy and content while doing it because anything that makes me dread my work sucks my energy and that is not good for me at all. I love blogging because it helps me vent without having an obligation or being answerable to another and I wish it remains just the same. Whatever doesn’t have the approval of my intuition is all that is out of alignment.

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