I see butterflies flying around the shrubs throughout the sky.

I will soon be returning to this location with another familial purpose.

Another gathering is awaiting my arrival.

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There are two sections of society. One that enjoys and relishes all the juices of life and the other that demonises it. They call them ‘reckless’ or consider themselves to be far-sighted about how they will enjoy life later, not realising that the other section is doing it currently, right now. We will always try to keep figuring out life and most part of it, for the most of us, will be employment but we need to remember that it is a part of it, not the whole life. 

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You reside within me and caress me to ease my agony. How do you manage to be the bigger person? How are you so correct in deciding when to let go or forgive and when to take action or punish? How do you manage to remain happy and calm in the situations that put your head on fire? How do you manage to be my infinite inspiration?

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Isn’t it weird to mourn the distance from people still alive,

Feeling hurt but grinning when the ones who stay the nearest

Call you weird and rude when you speak and don’t understand your strife,

Putting bars over the expression of your feelings, saying everyone’s trying their best?

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