There are two sections of society. One that enjoys and relishes all the juices of life and the other that demonises it. They call them ‘reckless’ or consider themselves to be far-sighted about how they will enjoy life later, not realising that the other section is doing it currently, right now. We will always try to keep figuring out life and most part of it, for the most of us, will be employment but we need to remember that it is a part of it, not the whole life. 


The other part of life is enjoyment which makes the second section appear ‘reckless’ when they just try to seize a few moments for themselves and try to relish all the other juices that life has to offer. The desk job employees wish to live the life of the entrepreneurs because they appear carefree, as if they are resting all the time even when they have more work than them to do with many more responsibilities to fulfill but in the latter’s case, they realise that the responsibilities will remain throughout and they will have to put on their multiple hats when they are needed to. However, the enjoyable moments, even if they are just a few seconds of the day, will be random and unpredictable. Now, you can find these moments in your daily life but you cannot guarantee their arrival ever. So, why not enjoy it when it happens?

Also, what is wrong in keeping a record of it? You never know when a moment will become a memory imprinted in your head and heart. A few of them will be your ‘firsts’ and ‘lasts’, whether you will be aware of it or not, and if you won’t have a material evidence of any of it, you won’t be able to feel many emotions in flashbacks and rememberances as beautifully as when the photos and videos will take you down the memory lane. Don’t we all desire to be remembered at one point in our lives, even by just one person, including us? What is making it if there is no pleasure involved at all? What is the reward of such immense hardwork and turning passions to payable skills if it consumes all of your time? Why can’t pleasure and rest be priorities? 

What all will you choose to put in to blend and prepare your juice of life without being juicy, upholding your integrity and composure? Will you temper it with chillies instead? Will the juice be salty or will you prefer a sweet juice? Or maybe, one that is purely natural, going with the flow of life that you have prepared after taking out and discarding the shells and harmful shoots, stems and seeds? 


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