I have started writing blogs additionally on a new platform. As much as I enjoy creating, I am not financially abundant yet and so, I charge per blog there which is meagre amount of $0.12 to maximum $1.47. It is also relieving because it is a platform where I rant and clear my headspace.


I started it because I was extremely stressed and had to get it out in a healthy way without my family questioning me about everything and pinpointing things whenever they meet me. I have also arranged all of work together at a place and although the process was stressful, I now feel really amazing. 

Charging for my work feels amazing. It feels like I was burning in lava and a huge lump of ice fell on me and cooled it all off. I have also been writing novels and working on getting them out in print as my readers so far prefer that format. Therefore, I have also set up my shops on various platforms online. All of the struggle is not over since there are multiple targets and sub-targets left to achieve but I feel clearer than before and that makes me feel absolutely relieved more than happy.

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