Less Hearty

I have stopped taking things too seriously in life. What is meant to happen will happen anyway. It will pain a lot to fulfill my spiritual duties along with living the human life but that is how it is supposed to be like.



Human life has its limitations. Sometimes, I get an advantage with it too, like helping fight off evil energies through eradicating their existence from my mind with the help of extreme of logic. I write to get things off of my head before any of it can reach my heart, most of which doesn’t anyways.

I am quite young by chronological age to understand these realities but then, I am experiencing the grave ones since my childhood. Acceptance was slapped into my face quite early in my human life. Maybe, it is supposed to happen or maybe, my encounters with people are writing these experiences along my way. Some things are quite significant in my life, especially my work but will it always be the same? I don’t know. I am willing to take up responsibility whenever necessary but I am taking things to heart a little less now, trying to strike a balance.


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