Not everyone understands my spiritual journey and that’s okay. I don’t expect them to. They are missing multiple pieces of information which have led to their deductions, assumptions and conclusions. Besides, I live an extremely private life and merely anybody has access to it. Had I seen a drastic change in them which turned them topsy-turvy, I would have been confused too.

Many of the things I rejected earlier are the ones that I have accomodated myself to. All these drastic changes have happened as the result of my healing. I used to be extremely angry on the entire specie instead of the individual because I was hurt and wronged by them. These beliefs were later changed, over time, due to multiple real-life examples and experiences with them that I lived, whether they were professionals or not. I started being less angry on myself, blaming me less for the things I had no control over, letting go of ‘what-if’s. Most of these lessons were learnt through professional and other aspects of my life but not love relationships.

I learnt to sieve and segregate. I am learning to not harbour things inside me because that keeps hurting me. The journey wasn’t consistent or peaceful but it was necessary. Have I changed? Yes. Is it surprising? Absolutely. Will I change even more? Definitely. Also, the information about my future spouse or marriage have all reached me through spiritual practices introduced by my family or friends—be it cartomancy or astrology. It feels liberating to be so open and clear, even though I know, people will still have doubts and questions in their head regarding me. I feel extremely calm.

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