I am a sensitive soul. I take things personally. I cannot tolerate when wrong things are happening nor can I ignore it. If I look away, it runs somewhere in the back of my head and keeps irking me, urging me to do something about it but I wonder, what can I do about all the wrong things happening across the world?

So, I write, I create. What else can I do about it? I need to bring it out of me, even if I don’t be too direct. I take things to heart. I have a lot of ‘why’s whenever there is something wrong and I want to eradicate the cause behind each ‘why’ one-by-one or altogether at times. I just want to live carefree.

Things keep revolving in my head. I throw them out but they get stored as trash, a trash that is of no use and keeps coming back somehow. My tears don’t flow too easily. My body becomes numb. I need time to deal with things, to process everything and the amount of energy I need to put to bring myself out of a dark place is beyond comparison. Yes, I have healed but I don’t want more hurt to keep healing myself my whole life. So, I talk less, don’t watch or read the news yet what is to be in my awareness somehow reaches me, interact with mere somebody until it doesn’t mean to walk the dead, connect while protecting my aura all the time. It’s tiring. Healing is tiring. Life is tiring.

I started writing this blog at 7:47 pm. Completed the draft till 7:57 pm.

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