Hannah’s Walk

Hannah held Debrah’s hand and said, “Let’s go on a walk”.

Debrah refused, pulling her long shirt down,

Saying, “I don’t want to give them a reason to talk.”

Hannah’s forehead filled with a frown,


She said, surprised, “Why care?”

Debrah said, “You know these people

Who have a lot of futile time to spare.

They will judge in case my thighs will jiggle.”


Hannah said, “Bestie, don’t worry,

I will shut their mouths up.

After all, it’s your beautiful body,

It doesn’t need to be covered up.”


She held her hand and both walked out.

As few foolish men started to laugh,

“How she walks by- looks so stout”

They said and Hannah picked up the staff.


She walked close to them, asked them all,

“Have you no work to do?

Or is passing judgements the only way

You know to pass your time through?”


The men felt ashamed; their heads dropped down,

They saw their swollen feet and red skin.

They realised that they talked hypocritically about

The issues they were dug deep in.

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