I am sorry for the moments where

Your beautiful eyes were full of tears

And unfortunately, the reason was me

My remembrance which made you feel gloomy.


I am sorry, beloved, I didn’t mean to hurt you

But survival of the fittest couldn’t be any more true

Than in those moments when I was struggling to live;

My decision was strong so I had to stand stiff.


Yet I am sorry for I did hurt you when you were trying your best

To protect me and maybe, show me that there is indeed, one different from the rest

Who really wishes that I always stay happy and grin.

Sorry but I had to leave so my life wins.

Wrote this in my diary from 10:33 am- 10:39 am. This poem struck in my head when I was thinking of my very special crush who has always held a special place in my heart unlike a few others who I developed a bit of liking for in my life after meeting him. I was humming ‘Tu Jahan Jahan Chalega’ when this poem came up in my head.

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