Love Me Harder

On the days I am overshadowed by an insecurity,

One of the days when I look in the mirror,

Trying to love myself when I don’t see the beauty in me,

Hold me tight in your embrace; love me a little harder.


A few days when I will try to seek comfort in a little bit of makeup.

My inner strength would be on a holiday so I would rely on this touch up.

I know that it may sound ironical to expect your love in the absence of mine

But some days, even after trying my best, I fail to feel fine.


I may not ask you because I am uncomfortable with physical touch

But if it’s from you, embrace me tightly, if it isn’t too much

For you to give and me to demand from you; feed me delicacies stored in the larder.

It may appear impossible to me so at that time, can you please love me a little harder?

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