How interesting is it that work doesn’t feel like a pressure as soon as you move away from the eyes watching you constantly. I am sitting in a cafe, working on my laptop and have done a lot of it already yet I don’t feel tired but there is a smile on my face, with a relief that I can feel as within so without. I am surrounded with books. They fascinate and attract me but uptil now, all I have been doing today is work. I am trying my best to rest and not be a workaholic but I absolutely love working and I also don’t deny that one of the reasons is that it helps me in escaping my sorrow and spares me with dealing with the lack I feel in my life.


That’s why performers inhale deeply after closing their eyes right before they give a grand and amazing performance. They are in their own world when their eyes are closedwhere they, their art and their muse is. Places like these also help in changing our thoughts from distraction to inspiration. No commotion, when the world sits and relaxes is also an amazing thing to feel more than witness. Some books, too, don’t provide the relaxation and break that many approach art for. Maybe, it is escapism but it is prevalent because of the expectations that the eyes stuck on the individual hold. If not, the inherent expectation- the internal eye- acts in this manner. But here, at this moment in time, I can relax.

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