Treasure Hunt

People say that there is beauty in heartbreak. No, there isn’t. There’s beauty in the hope that is still left after the heartbreak. That hope brings the sunshine. Sometimes, it’s addictive- this cycle- but once you heal, you smile on it and walk ahead because you remember that this was what came in between of losing yourself and finding yourself again. Sometimes, love does feel intoxicating. It’s when it reaches its deepest limits- with or without expectations. I feel a love beyond time.

You want to complain for staying away in the years that went by and you feel like grabbing them close to you but you can’t because you understand the reason already. The heartbreak is not caused just by the person who leaves once and for all. The heart breaks time and again when you can feel a person, you want to live with them and this desire keeps increasing but the chances of meeting them don’t seem anywhere near. You don’t pursue anyone else yet your eyes search for that person everywhere. You want to see them the first when you wake up. You meet fake people but not that one person you have been feeling and desiring for since decades and, as if, your whole life.

Slowly, everything starts reminding you of them and keeps increasing your yearning to be present with them physically. Once you meet them, you don’t want to leave their side. Even if you are upset with them, you want to complain to them about it. There is space to breathe but not for another person, idea or opinion that can bring any distance. Everything just keeps getting stronger and stronger with time.

This blog is inspired by ‘Love Me Back Fayahh Beat’



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