Working Painfully

I don’t know why but the more I am getting involved in work, the more pain am I feeling. I am enjoying the work I am doing but somehow, I also feel something suffocating me and causing me pain within my heart and no, it is not because of food because I don’t consume any such food in such amounts that it can possess a threat to my health and well-being.

Many people on my new field of work are amiable. Obviously, some seem harsh and make me feel like I am outsider (maybe) but I don’t care as long as my seniors believe that I am capable of my job. I am not here to outshine anyone. I just come here to do my work like any 9-6 employee does and go back and manage the other main aspects of my life. I don’t take any kind of rude behaviour or harshness to heart. I just brush it off. Honestly, I don’t care because I care about my job, not about my co-workers, at least, not in these two weeks of the beginning.

I like getting engrossed in my work. I like learning and I am getting to explore a lot of new things everyday on my new job. I can say, like many consistent things, in this new job, I feel something different each day and not every day is pleasant.

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