Air Ride

For the first time ever did I feel thrilled instead of afraid when the tires of the plane had no base beneath it. There is still a little bit of fear lurking within my heart but today, when I saw beneath and saw the tiny ground appearing as a map below as I am onboard, I felt like it’s familiar. It’s familiar because my spiritual journey has brought that growth.

I am still a little afraid but I am looking out of the window and admiring the clouds that are floating. I mean, I can’t believe that I am doing this. It feels almost like a car ride but one that gives thrills in between many-a-times but this is such a growth for a person who is so scared of heights. I think, looking down safely from the top of a mountain once I climbed it in the past years whenever I got to travel at heights has helped me a lot.

Wow! There was turbulence which did throw a little bit of challenge but it is a safe ride. I am feeling like looking down from so high above is an extremely familiar feeling for me. I know that it is because of the moments I have lived through many visions with my future spouse that I have gained the confidence to enjoy the beauty from above now that I have moved past my fear.

Written in aeroplane till 4:24 pm. Edited till and publishing at 6:06 pm.

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