The Art

You are running. From whom? You don’t know. Where are you headed to? You don’t know. You keep running, running away from whatever is bothering you. There is a lot of commotion around and your heartbeats have paced up due to constant and paced up movement. You know that you will not receive any help from the people who are crossing your paths as you keep running. You run and come at a room.


You enter it and now, you stop. You breathe deeply. You enjoy and wander around in the room slowly, exploring everything, becoming a curious kid. You touch something to understand it better and you feel glitter that is now sticking on your fingers. You smile and even the thought of cleaning it doesn’t cross your mind once. You are fascinated by all that is there. You feel warmth and peace. Everything is lively.

That is how I feel towards art. That is how it makes me feel. It’s not just art, it’s THE ART for me.


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