Sometimes, we love the hustle more than the results. We don’t even care as much about the latter. We love being on the go rather than sitting back and relaxing and eating the fruits of our hardwork and efforts. We love adventures and treks more than halts. The wind, the environment shifts, the uncertainty makes our heart throb and that gives us a feeling of truly living our lives.

This movement gives us the assurance that we are moving and will reach where we wish to or what our soul is finding if we keep going. Halting makes us think, “Are we getting late to reach our destination on time?” It is not exactly the place where we want to be. It is what that destination and its environment stirrs within us- something quite unclear which expresses itself fully when it gets the environment which supports it.

The ones who operate with their souls will understand exactly what this feeling is. It is not heightened senses which happens in anxiety. This brings peace and also makes you feel lively when it happens. Meeting people, bright lights, cool breeze or maybe firecamps and sleep, going to the gym- to each their own- makes the nerves pulsate and the heart throb but to ease you.

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