I feel alive when I work, not as much when I watch shows. Nature also feels vibrant—the wind, the rain. However, they are not in my physical touch 24x7x365. So, I want something permanent which makes me feel alive.

I don’t want the presence of the people who are physically around me all the time because they can never understand me but if anything, they can interfere in my work which angers me and they keep doing things deliberately to irritate me. They don’t respect my preferences, choices and boundaries and keep criticising it, giving their unsolicited opinion on the things they know nothing about but I have spent decades learning and practicing and then get surprised on why am I irritated. I demand things being done my way and I don’t care about the consequences or the opinions of others on my works. Someone will always criticise negatively.

I want to skip a few years and take along with me only the people and things who love and respect me and never interfere in my work, rather understand it even though it is nothing like their thoughts or preferences. I want to surround myself with people who bring peace and acceptance and the vibe of enjoyment along with them- where we always celebrate each other’s healthiness.

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