Sometimes, what keeps you warm and going are not even the people around you. They are not blankets and fireplace. They are the people who you haven’t met ever physically or can only feel their presence on this Earth. They are a vibe; when they meet you physically, you don’t feel like leaving at all. You wish to stay for as long and as late as you can….so late that the possibility of meeting them later never comes because you never went your own ways quite literally. They are authentic. They are gems.

Do they give a feeling of permanence? I don’t know but they surely radiate warmth. You keep thinking about the next time you could meet them. No, I am not talking about the people who you plan parties and events with because you consider it a part of your duty. I am talking about the people who’s presence itself makes your life appear like a party.

Sometimes, they are just a feeling who later present themselves in their physical form in front of you- like a wish come true- a desire that fulfilled. No matter the type and boundaries of your bond, all of you enjoy each other’s presence….even after years and decades, whenever you meet them, you feel thankful at least once throughout the whole meeting for running into them however.

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